Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lessons learnt in London...

Lessons I've learnt so far...

Now I have lived in a foreign country where the language was not even my own and I have to admit sometimes i find it to be more difficult to understand the British than the Italians! GO FIGURE!HAHAHAHA :)

1. Never put the 0 before my cell number or in general when you call from the states to a UK cellphone! My mother has been trying to call me for three weeks and I just found the answer in 2 seconds on the Internet!!

2. Be careful when you speak in Italian on i mezzi pubblici (public transport!)
While riding the bus to Marble Arch on the busy touristy Oxford Street, I heard an older Italian woman explain to her friend how disappointed she was because she was not able to "lavarsi sotto" or in other words "wash herself down below!" I myself was almost caught today when I wanted to tell Luca that someone was really stinking up the bus in Italian , but then I stopped myself when I realized the guy next to me could definitely be Italian and sure enough!!!

3. Don't make small talk about the differences between American pharmacies and British pharmacies when the guy asks you if you want stamps with your safety pins. He doesn't find it endearing or cute!

4. A vest is a tank top. Snogging is making out. They don't say gotta they say I got to and in British English intonation is everything! I love it!

5. Buckingham palace is not for short people on a crowded day unless you like the backs of heads and shoulders there's really not much else to see...oh except for the palace...

6. Be careful of those 3 pound all u can put in a little tray buffets'll feel it later if it wasn't quality.

7. When you're short and on a crowded tube car and you gotta get off at the next stop try to anticipate moving forward to the exit door as people most likely will not hear you when you say "excuse me" from all the way down there!!

8. London is not SOOOO expensive. After months of listening to people tell me that London is so expensive and why on earth would I ever move here, I have one thing to say it ain't all that expensive!!!! Except for the public transport, but for me it's super efficient so it's worth it!

OK i wanted to write 2 more , but I just got here a month ago so I got time! If you read up to n. 8 well then I guess you-ll wait a bit longer for numbers 9-10.

For now CIAO AMICI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Melissa, Just read your blog very interesting and funny. Keep it up!!
    Love Mom